Best Healthy Drinks

Best Healthy Drinks – Crunching thirst in the office

In my last article, we talked about Good Office snacks that can help boost your energy at work. We will now delve into some good office drinks that will keep you hydrated and energized. The Silent Killer – Soft Drinks Statistics have shown that the average American consumes about 45-56 gallons or 500+ cans of soda per year! This is just...


Good Office Snacks

Good Office snacks – Energy Boosters

Our body functions so expertly at ensuring we are healthy that we tend to neglect it. However, it can take so much abuse before it starts showing signs of distress. On too many occasions I have observed the poor snacking options that were prone to my fellow coworkers. And I admit to often being as guilty as charged when work...


Sit to Stand Desk Accessories

Sit to Stand Desk Accessories – 5 Office Needs

We know by now that standing while working helps alleviate back pain and keeps you active, but it can also surface other discomforts. Luckily, there are ways to make your experience more enjoyable to prevent you from tiring quickly and to help you get more things done. In this Article we’ll talk about 5 Sit to Stand Desk Accessories which...


What is Varides Pro Plus 36 ?

What is Varidesk Pro Plus 36? – Any Alternatives?

You’ve finally decided that the adjustable standing desk converter (or sit to stand desk converter) may be the right one for your needs. Well, you came to the right place. In this article, we will focus on the top adjustable standing desk converter brands that are hot in the market right now and some great brands that won’t put too...


Clean Office

Sit to Stand Desk Converter – Is It Worth It?

When I made the transition from working at an office to home, I found myself in the midst of indecisiveness as to which chair and desk I should get for my home office. Naturally, I was fixated on the price; I am an overt penny-pincher with an affinity to stretch my pennies as far as they can go. But I...


Google Offices

Innovative Office Solutions – Working Efficiently

I never thought at some point in my life I would be looking into innovative office solutions or even realize how important it would come to be. ‘Innovative’ was not a word I associated an office with. Instead, I thought about putting long, never-ending, arduous hours at a plain old office cubicle with plain, stiff chairs and static desks. At...