Sit to Stand Desk Converter – Is It Worth It?


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When I made the transition from working at an office to home, I found myself in the midst of indecisiveness as to which chair and desk I should get for my home office. Naturally, I was fixated on the price; I am an overt penny-pincher with an affinity to stretch my pennies as far as they can go. But I also wanted a quality chair and desk combo. So I decided to compromise and meet halfway in quality and price without a significant dent to my wallet.

However, most of the ones I came across were either too costly or appeared to not perform well. And after many hours of the mundane task of reading reviews and comparing chairs and desk, I finally made the decision to purchase a cost-effective duo which had good reviews.

I was somewhat satisfied with them until a few weeks later. At the time, I worked an 8-hour shift which required I sat for hours with few breaks in between. My back and waist almost pained me to no end which made it impossible for me to concentrate on my work. I would stand up for a few minutes but I was constrained to my chair as the desk was too low to offer me the flexibility I needed when I needed a break from my chair.

In a quest to help alleviate my pain, I once more took to Google in search of something better and came across the sit to stand desk converter, or standing desk converter. It required I loosened the strings to my wallet a bit more than I wanted. Begrudgingly, I ended up getting one and it proved to be a worthy sacrifice. The standing Desk Converter, is just what the doctor prescribed – or at least it should be.

First, what is a standing desk?

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It is a desk; made for standing. Hence, the name. It turns out standing desks are not an entirely new concept. It dates back to a few centuries ago around the 1400s where iconic figures such as Leonardo D’avinci and many more are said to have used the standing desk for working. Granted, the standing desk is nothing more than a long-legged desk, but it is purported to have may health benefits.

Our predecessors seem to have understood that sitting for long periods of time had health consequences. However, it was not until the 18th and 19th century, that standing desks become a commodity. Sort of. It was often afforded by the wealthy and could be found in the homes and offices of the revered.

It took us years later to reintroduce standing desks to society but with a few modern changes you’’ll appreciate. But more on that later.

Warning: The Dangers of Sitting Too Long

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For the sake of brevity, I’ve mentioned that sitting over a long period has some health issues. But I haven’t talked about those issues. Most of us are guilty of putting long hours in a chair, a couch, a bed, or whatever. The point is, whether you work out and are the epitome of health or not, if you sit for plus hours, your health is in danger. You don’t need scientific proof to tell you that. Let me ask you. When you sit for too long, how do you feel afterwards? I’ll tell you how I feel. Pained, sore, tired, and about ready for the day to end. Therefore, it makes sense to want know about the side effects. I’’ll keep it brief.

According to the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” excessive sitting, causes us to become sedentary or inactive and may result in the following:

  • Brain damage – Your brain function slows down and gets less blood and oxygen
  • Indigestion– Being sedentary and in a sitting position for too long causes your stomach to be compressed which prevents proper digestion; you give it no room to do its thing!
  • Posture Problems : It causes strained neck and shoulders and back problems as you are putting more pressure on your body
  • Muscle Degeneration – since you are not using your muscles and remaining sedentary they probably take that as a sign you don’t need them anymore and waste away.
  • Leg Disorders – your muscles contract and tire from lack of use due to lack of blood flowing through your veins. Thus, you get muscle cramps etc
  • …and the list goes on

In essence, too much sitting can take years off your life. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. We are designed to be active; to be on our feet and on the go. Excessive sitting keeps us static, prevents our body’s weight from evenly being distributed, prevents our muscles from being fully utilized, prevents brain flow, and many more constraints.

 Standing Desk Converter to the Rescue

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You can now begin to understand what the benefits of the standing desk converter might be after going over the side effects of over-sitting. It affords you the ability to be on your feet and be more flexible. Here are some benefits of standing while you work:

Calorie Burner: Standing while working allows your heart to beat an average of 10 times faster per minute than when you sit down. Therefore, your heart gets a good workout which equals to calories burning and less chance of a heart attack!

Improved Focus: When you stand while working, it increases blood flow, and keeps you active and focused. Therefore, you think clearer and make better decisions.

Strengthens your core : Your body’s weight is evenly distributed, your back and neck are more relaxed as it is not strained and your legs are out-stretched which prevents muscle cramps and strengthens your body.

Creativity: You become more creative as standing while working enables you to keep changing position in an attempt to get more comfortable which gets your juices flowing!

And if you can stand no more, well, you can sit! That’s the beauty of it. Just make sure you are not sitting too long! I’m sure you need no further goading as to why. And if you do need a good reminding, you can go back to the ‘Warning: Dangers of Sitting Too Long’ section of the article.

Variations of Standing Desks

I have mentioned that the standing desk is a tall desk that allows you to stand while you work. I’ve also briefly talked about one variation of it; the sit to stand desk converter or standing desk converter. Let’s now talk about how it works and the different ones that are currently out there.

To understand just what the converter is, we need to first take a look at the adjustable Standing Desk. As the word implies, it is a desk that allows you to adjust it to a desirable height through simple button controls. If you prefer sitting down, you could change it to normal desk level. And when you tire of sitting, you get to adjust it again so that you could stand while working! Cool right?

Silhouette man using a Standing Desk Converter-Sit-to-Stand Desk Converter

But what if you already invested in a conventional desk, but did not want to go as far as changing it altogether? Is there a feature that can meet you halfway?

You betcha ! That’s the distinctive feature of the converter. If you already have a desk, there is no need to purchase another one. The converter gives you the option to convert your current desk to a standing desk. Now that’s useful! You simply place it on top of your desk- and voila! You now have yourself an adjustable standing desk without all that jazz!

 Should you switch to one?

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After talking about the downside of sitting too long and the benefits the standing desks and its variations can offer, it is a given you would want to invest in one. It is a great tool to have in your office whether it is at home or not. It helps keep you on your toes – literally! When you are kept alert, you are more efficient. And when you are efficient, you get more work done.

The standing desks by no means replace the act of exercising or taking a break from your office. I still recommend going outdoors for some fresh air and taking a nice walk to give your muscles(including your brain) a good flexing. However, when you are working, the standing desks offers you that break you need without your work taking a back seat.

You know what they say, ‘Get busy living or get busy dying’. By employing the right equipment and services to help prolong your life and health while putting your creativity at the forefront, you ensure you are getting busy living.


What are your thoughts on the standing desk and its different variations?  Which do you prefer?  Leave me comments below, I’ll gladly answer them!

Stay healthy, my friends!

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Steven,

    You are absolutely right when sitting all the time, because of and illness I am only sedentary, standing and doing my work would be great. I do get up and down quite a few times during the day. I truly do love the idea of standing and working. Great information Steve this is something I will definitely research. I have put your site in my favorites.

    Thank You

  2. Thanks so much for this very informative article on the sit to stand desk converter.

    I totally agree with what you are saying. I work from home and find myself sitting for hours at a time and am definitely feeling it in my back and legs. I’ve investigated these converters and I was wondering if you could recommend a particular brand that’s of good quality and not too expensive?

    • Hi Barb,

       It’s my Pleasure. I too was looking for the same thing. I went with the Table jack Standing desk convertert- It came with great real reviews on Amazon and I really like it so far. I will be writing  a review on my recommendations soon. I will keep you posted.

      Thank you for your comment 


  3. I will look into a sit to stand desk whenever I am able to work from home. For the time being I try to keep moving as much as possibly while working in an office

    • Hi Paula,

      Your moving while your working that’s awesome. Just so you know if you did get a converter for your office, you could take it with you when you transition to working from home. Thats the beauty of it.

      Thank you for your comment

  4. Hi Steven, you described it so well. I sit a lot when working through my laptop and my back often hurts. I think a transition to the standing desk would be a huge relief for my back. I am just curious what´s the recommended ratio betweeen standing and sitting while working. I think I am gonna consider the standing desk anyway, it looks like a simple and healthy solution to my back pain.

    • Hi Michael,

      From what I gather it is a 1:1 and 1:3 ratio-For every minute you sit it is recommended to stand for 3 minutes. I usually go with how I feel, if I feel like I need a break from standing I switch it back to a sitting position. The goal is not to sit for too long.

      Thank you for your comment

  5. These desks are too neat! It’s shocking how much you can improve your health by using a standing desk as opposed to sitting for extended periods of time. Wouldn’t mind having one of these in my home one day…thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a great article! At my previous job, they had sit to stand converters on most desks and the people liked them. I wish they had them where I’m currently working. The chairs are awful and a sit to stand converter would be nice for our backs. I think many offices will be using these in the future.

    • Hi Kevin, 
       I agree- Putting long hours in an uncomfortable chair is not ideal.  I foresee many offices transitioning and with reason.

      Thank you for your comment. 


  7. Thanks for a great article. I agree with everything you said there. I work for Architects and back in the days of drawing boards, we had the opportunity to sit or stand as the board was adjustable. Now that we are all on CAD we sit at normal desks. A couple of guys at work got the adjustable standing desk, and when I saw them I was sold, and bought one too! I get sore shoulders from sitting down too long, even though I go to the gym at nights. So now I try to stand for a while each day. It’s great to have the choice again, like back in the drawing board days. Did you know you can actually get desks that allow you to walk as though you are on a treadmill?

    • Hi Greg,

      Yes, I have seen those. They’re very neat, I wouldn’t mind trying one out.  The one’s I saw were a little bulky though and took a lot of room. 

  8. Hi Steven,

    I would love to have a Desk Converter. Have been reading reviews for quite some time now but one thing that put me off is the price.

    With my chronic lower back pain, it is painful for me to sit for a long period of time. Usually, I will stand up every now and then but still continue with my work. Push down the laptop screen and continue reading.

    Would you be doing a review of this product? Hopefully, there is one that is affordable with acceptable quality.

    Btw, your article is very informative. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Great article my friend! I was in a while back looking into buying one but ended up buying a standard. Well guess that my mistake. Great that you took some information about what happens when you sit to much! Passing important knowledge indeed! Must say that I really liked your site layout and wish you the best of luck

  10. Great. Very informative article. I like it, especially b’coz it has contained all the valuable reasons very efficiently.This is something really helpful.

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