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I never thought at some point in my life I would be looking into innovative office solutions or even realize how important it would come to be. ‘Innovative’ was not a word I associated an office with. Instead, I thought about putting long, never-ending, arduous hours at a plain old office cubicle with plain, stiff chairs and static desks. At least that is how it was at the call center I last worked at, a few years ago.Boring Office

The chronic ring of the analog signal that signaled I was connected to a new customer coupled with the boisterous voices of other agents shouting excitedly into their Plantronics headset in hopes of securing a sale, were enough to drive me nuts. The desks were so constrained and so tightly pressed together, I was almost sure I could count the number of pores my coworker had. Well, maybe not to that extent, but you get the gist.

I can tell you it was not a pleasant experience and not one I particularly missed. I dreaded the thought of going to work and more often than I care to remember, I had to drag myself to work knowing it would be another tiring, body numbing, and noisy day at work.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. An office doesn’t have to be cramped, stuffy, and unpleasant. In this day and age where we are constantly putting forward life-altering inventions and finding creative ways on pushing the envelope, our working environment should facilitate and reflect that change.

What does it mean to innovate?

question mark on table- Innovative Office Solutions

Innovation does not always have to be grandiose or happen on a grand scale. The dictionary defines it as making changes to something already established; especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. In simpler terms, it is taking something existing or current and making it better. That’s all there is to it. I have seen businesses and home workers alike spend more time and energy on supplying their offices with the equipment needed for an operational office(which is important) yet not enough time on coming up with ways to make their working environment better and work for them.

Your ideal working space

How often do you stop and think about the space you work in? Let alone thought about innovative ways to better your working space?

If you haven’t put much thought into it until now, then this would be a good time to start. It is probably where you spend most of your waking time; therefore, it is only natural we give it proper attention. Go ahead and imagine how your perfect working space would be like. Can you picture it? What would it take to get you or your employees more efficient at work? More comfortable? More creative?

How your office shouldn’t be

guy-showing-a-boring-office-card- Innovative office solutions

I have come to prefer thinking of an office as a creating space. It paints a much better picture as to what an office can be. After all, that is the space in which your creations take life. When you think of your working space as more than just an office, you start entertaining of ways on how to make it more exciting and how to make it more you.

But whether you see it as your creating space or your office, it should not be a typical office cubicle; boring, uncomfortable and uninspiring. When your office is not working for you, it not only mentally stresses you, it puts a strain on your body, and diverts your focus which ultimately takes time away from your work. It is inefficient, a waste of energy, a waste of mental resources, and a waste of your potential.

How your office should be

Google Offices-Innovative Office Solutions

Your working space should reflect your working style so that you can put forth your best work.


Tycoons like Google have revolutionized the old way of “doing office”. They do not see their working space as mere “offices”, but an important place where the magic happens. A place that gives birth to their fundamental ideas and give those ideas wings. Google’s establishments appear to provide an ideal environment that is creative, spacious, and fun for their employees. They even have a giant slide for their employees to use. Who would’ve thunk it? Fun at work!

woman sliding on a google office slide - Innovative Office SolutionsGoogle and businesses like it following suit, are challenging the conventional way of how an office should be by utilizing innovative office solutions. Ultimately, it is paving the way to a more efficient and fun working environment. Conventional offices should be a thing of the past and with reason.

Your working space optimally should work with you or for you but not against you. It should help alleviate some pains that come with doing business/working so you can be better equipped to handle growing challenges at work. And most importantly, it should be an enjoyable experience that helps optimize your health and keep you energetic. If you find yourself or your employees chronically fatigued with muscle pains and back related issues, we highly recommend thinking of innovative solutions. You won’t regret it.

Okay, should I just revamp my whole office?

Change doesn’t have to be so sudden. As Bill Hogan said, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” You can start off by getting rid of old, stiff chairs in lieu of plush chairs to cushion your bum and support your back. These static, unmoving desks I mentioned earlier? Replace them with dynamic ones that adjusts better to your working style. If you prefer standing or sitting down, you can opt for innovative solutions such as the standing desks that offers you both features.

Innovation at your fingertips

Guy pointing with light at his finger tip- Innovative Office Life Solutions

Whether you work from home, a brick and mortar office, or do office on the go, we aim to connect you with innovative solutions you can start incorporating in your creating space to limit some challenges and to create a functional and efficient working environment. In our upcoming articles, we will delve more into some must have office products we believe will give you a cutting edge in your field of work.

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  1. Personally, I’ve always felt a lack of creativity and motivation when my office felt and resembled a prison. It was not only mental anguish, but a physical one too! (Back problems). When standing desks were introduced I was absolutely ecstatic.
    Comfortability, and visual aesthetics were always great moral boosters. Can you imagine if the energy and positive atmosphere after office events was all the time? No one would want to leave to badly.
    I believe that this is the future of offices; being innovative, because people are looking at the Googles of the world and recognizing how the best-of-the-best, get even better when the offices they spend most of their days in… encourages innovativeness.

    Great read, happy I found this blog.

  2. I definitely agree with this article. Having a comfortable working space is a must needed thing. The article came just in time because, I was just trying to rearrange things in my little home office so, that I can work more efficiently.

    I love the picture of Google, who wouldn’t love to slide down the slide at the end of the day! I have heard of places like this trying to make the environment more relaxing for the employee because yes, not working comfortable or relaxed can be a health hazard.

    After reading this article, I now need to do make sure I am re-arrange correctly so, that I am working stress free and efficiently. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hi Lakisha,

      I’m glad I was able to help you make the best decision for your office needs. When your office works for you, It helps you be your best. I look forward to provide you more information to help continue to make the best decision for you and your office.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi, do you have any tips for when you work at home and do not have a separate spare room to use as an office? Instead, would it be a good idea to set aside a separate corner for work, and what are some tips for making it more efficient? Thanks

    • Hi Ben!
      Great question! When I first started working from home, I also did not have an ‘office’. I high-jacked my living room and turned it into one. What you can do is set aside a space and claim it as your working area. If you already have a desk, you can simply add an adjustable standing desk convertor which lets you adjust it to your height so you can be able to sit and stand freely. If you do not have a desk, then I would recommend investing in an adjustable standing desk. That alone gives you flexibility and more space. There are many ways to make your space yours. I have an article explaining more on this soon!

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. I think the environment we have to work in is very important. The office is one part of this environment where we spend a lot of our time in. To spend some thoughts on how to design this working space is surely worth the effort.
    I personally design and build my offices my self for many years. The stuff sold in warehouses, at least the affordable ones don’t match my desires. To build innovative furniture for the office must not be expensive and when some people work together it can be done quickly and the persons working there will feel good after creating their own office.

    • Hi Stefan!

      I agree 100 percent. Spending enough time designing your working space will be well worth it in the long run as that is one less thing you’ll have to worry about and it’ll maintain an efficient you.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. If I worked at google offices I would never get any work done with those slides, lol. I have never worked in an office myself, I dont think I could be cooped up all day, every day. I like working outdoors myself. so much freedom

    • Hi Matthew!

      Absolutely, if I was working at google I’d be hitting these slides all the time lol. But, that’s the beauty of fun at work- it keeps you motivated, energetic and want to go to work. For those who work in offices that’s their outdoors; gives them a break.

      Thanks for the comment

  6. Years ago I worked in the most comfortable office with one exception. The company was concerned about ergonomics, so we had really nice adjustable chairs and keyboards and mice could be adjusted in about a hundred ways. The view our the windows was excellent since we were on the top floor. There was plenty of room for everybody in the room. For the exception, it was an open room and so our backs were exposed to anybody walking up behind us and it would break our concentration. I really liked your innovative ideas in this article, and wonder, do you plan to focus on an ergonomic layout in future articles?
    Thank You, and good article! Jay

  7. I don’t think much about the space I work in but I definitely DO notice it when it starts getting messy. I hate having an untidy desk because it slows down my production, keeps me distracted and overall makes me look unprofessional. I absolutely agree that our offices need to be unique and fit our personalities. Thank you so much, I’m a big fan of your site already 🙂

  8. It’s true, our working environment has a great effect on how we function at work and our mental health in general. If your company is not providing conditions that will provide motivation and inspiration, at least be able to do it in your own space. If it still doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to find other options. Great article!

    • Hi there!

      I agree. Your work space just has to work for you.

      Your body and your mind will love you for it as you will always be producing your best.

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you enjoyed my article

  9. My sister-in-law is going through an innovation in her place of employment, she has been talking about cubicles and how it is going to be terrible. She had her own office for 15 years and is not good with change. I cannot wait to tell her about your blog and how innovating office space is a good thing, and embrace change and have fun with it. A place where your creations take life, is what I think you said and that is exactly what she needs to do. Thanks again, great article and I will be passing this on to my sister-in-law.

    • Hi Bobbi,

      That’s Awesome!! Thank you for your comment. Yes I believe the office is less constricted, and more  comfortable and a little fun. Work inst as stressful anymore.


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