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Our body functions so expertly at ensuring we are healthy that we tend to neglect it. However, it can take so much abuse before it starts showing signs of distress.

On too many occasions I have observed the poor snacking options that were prone to my fellow coworkers. And I admit to often being as guilty as charged when work demands were overwhelming or from lack of healthy food options in my work area. Or so I told myself. As you can imagine, they were just excuses I was giving myself as to why I was not eating the right foods and why I continued indulging in them every chance I got.

A caffeinated body induced with high sugary treats such as donuts, or processed foods and chips can only take you so far during the day.

Have you ever wondered why you felt your energy levels were down or found it hard to focus at work? Try substituting oil for another source of fuel in your car and see how far it takes you before it starts giving you problems.

Your body is the same! Arm it with the nutrients it needs to operate and it will handsomely reward you for it.

If you constantly feel low and unmotivated, then this article is for you! We will go over some good office snacks that will get you energetic at work and keep you satisfied.


Healthy Substitutions

During work hours, it is quite easy to eat more than necessary and eat the wrong kind of snacks in an attempt to keep your energy high. As we’ve mentioned briefly earlier, high sugary treats and caffeinated beverages will give you a few bouts of energy before dragging you down moments later.

What you need is some good fuel that will keep you energized throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to eat the right kinds of food(moderately) to maximize your working potential.

Whether you eat the right foods or not, overeating will reverse its effects and will make you drowsy, heavy, and can lower your energy levels which renders your efforts futile!

I recommend eating healthy snacks in controlled portions that are low in saturated fats and sugar.

Instead of binging on junk foods such as chips and high sugar treats, you can prepare light snacks that you can take with you to work. Here are some great healthy snacks you can munch on as a source of fuel:

1. Fresh Fruits


A good source of snack are fresh fruits such as apples, watermelon, papaya, etc. You can slice them to size and bring to the office with you. It is recommended to eat 2-3 servings of fruits per day and they make for a delicious snack!

2. Dry-roasted Edamame

This delicious snack will help satisfy your cravings and are very easy to prepare and carry around. It is high in protein content and low calorie intake.

3. Flax seed/ flax seed garlic crisps

Flax seed is laden with health benefits and helps keep the hunger at bay. It is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and high in fiber but very low in carbs.

4. Nuts; almonds and walnuts



Fats are essential parts of your body’s ability to function. And nuts provide a range of nutrients, including large quantities of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is very to eat them in excess, especially as you multitask between work and eating. Therefore, it is recommended to put them in small containers (about 30g per day)

5. Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are loaded with healthy nutrients to keep your hunger cravings in check. 1 cup of chickpeas alone contains a good source of proteins, fiber, iron, zinc, and many more! It also helps you feel full and metabolize foods faster which means your body breaks down the nutrients faster for a more energetic you. Talk about delicious and healthy! And best of all, very easy to prepare!

6. No bake Fruit/Nut Bars


When fruits and nuts are brought together, it makes for a delicious snack loaded with good nutrients that gives you the boost of energy you need. You can make them yourself or you can look for the organic brands such as Kind Bars or Trail Mix. I find it much more easier to get them off amazon. They are at a good price  you can buy them in bulk and they get delivered right to your door.

7. Veggies


Vegetables deliver ample amounts of vitamins including folate, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B6, fiber, etc to help keep you full. You can’t really go wrong with some good, organic veggies. They make for a great snack.

Slice one-2 carrots Carrot sticks with hummus

Celery sticks with peanut butter/ hummus

Kale chips

8. Hummus


With chickpeas as its usual base, hummus is loaded with nutrients that helps support bone health and boosts your energy levels. It is high in protein and can be paired with almost anything.

9.Gourmet Natural Beef Jerky

For my meat lovers, here is a delicious treat. It has no preservatives and is made from lean, grass-fed beef. Research shows that, unlike grain-fed products, grass-fed beef contains the same healthy omega-3 fats found in fish. You can purchase it on amazon.

10. Hard Boiled Eggs


Hard boiled eggs are delicious and also contains many nutrients to help keep you on your toes. It provides good fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat and is high in proteins. One large hard-boiled egg provides nearly 80 calories.

Final Thoughts….

I have listed some good office snacks to help get you in the right direction at boosting your energy levels while keeping you satiated during the day. While it is not a snack it is also imperative to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water! 60% of our body structure is made up of water, therefore, drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day is key to maintaining an energetic you.

Which office snacks did you prefer? Let me know in the comments below ? Stay healthy, my friends!


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24 Responses

  1. I always like to have nut bars in between work as a bit of a snack! I find it gives me enough energy to keep going for the remainder of the day but perhaps i’ll add these as additions!


    • Hi Jeremy,

      Yes I like the bars as well. I Snack on them more often myself because they are quick and easy. Thank you for your comment Jeremy.


  2. I usually have nothing in the morning (apart from herbal teas), snack on fruits and cashew nuts during my lunch hour, and then have my main meal when I get home. I am at my best when I am 25-50% full! Great article 🙂

  3. Really interesting. Fortunately, I never found myself boosting my energy with caffeine or bars. Instead, I still use to eat nuts and walnuts, which are great, in the morning, after the first break.

    However, I have to admit that my colleagues always eat junk food, in order to release dopamine, not helping theirselves. Have a great day!


    • Hello Marco,
      You are absolutely right , In the office not to many people focuse on what they should eat to help them. Thank you for sharing.


  4. These are really great choices! I never actually thought about this, and I love a lot of the choices. And yes, they would make great snacks for in the office or even at home when I feel like munching on something. I am actually going to put a few on my grocery list. Great options!

  5. I like to eat fresh fruits and peanuts for snacks during work. Is low salt peanuts and cashews just as good as walnuts and almonds?

  6. I like Hummus the best but the way I like it is with too much garlic so its not something I could bring to the office. Thanks for the tips. I am always trying to think of healthy snacks to eat!

  7. Fantastic article thank you. I don’t think you can go past eggs, they are sooo good for you and are a great snack to keep your energy levels even through out the day. Plus, Weight Watchers have recently made these a zero point food, which means they are a completely guilt free food. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Karen

  8. Hi Steven, these are great ideas. I always go to the easy option of having a piece of chocolate, a chocolate biscuit, or some lollies. Absolutely terrible, I know. And I think it’s about comfort – grabbing something sweet seems like an indulgence and a reward for hard work or something. I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now, because it really isn’t healthy and I don’t want to put on weight.

    I don’t know why but I’d never thought of dry roasted edamame (I love those!) or chick peas. Great ideas there. I have to be realistic though – I know I’m never going to snack on vegetables so for now I’m not even going to try 🙂

    • Hello Melissa,

      Thank you for your comment. Try snacking on the vegetables with hummus it makes a difference. Great snack and energy boosters.


  9. What an amazing article. I’m always running out of energy around lunchtime and often times my lunch doesn’t cut the mustard. I’ll be trying out your foods you mention here and seeing how I feel. I’ll start with fresh fruits and hard boiled eggs. Do you think this will help my situation? Cheers for the help.

    • Hi Brandon,
      Absolutely . Eggs are great energy boosters. Fruits have good source of vitamins and minerals.

      Thank you for your comment

  10. This was a great article. I always have coffee because of the time excuse but everything on here is simple and require no time at all!

    • Hi Susan,

      Coffee is not all that bad. It is the reliance on it as a source of main fuel that is the issue. I agree that most of the foods listed require very little effort so that you can start a better eating regime during work.

      Thanks for the comment.


  11. I am so busy trying to get through my day that yes, I admit that I take short cuts with my snacks. I need to be more aware of the fuel that I put into my body.
    When you have kids it’s even more important to help set a good example. I like your idea about fresh fruit and flax seeds. They are both really great to have. I had not heard of Dry-roasted Edamame before. Is it like Almonds? I often make fresh chickpeas, but I have never roasted them before. How do you have yours? Do you add olive oil or season with salt?

    • Hi ,

      I agree almost everyone does sometimes. Dry roasted Edamame are great snack . If you click on the link I referred the recipes. I like my chickpeas seasoned with a little sea salt. 


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