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The Elephant in the Room

You have your home office setup only to realize an ecosystem of wires are running amok all over the place. Every so often, you would either hear your loved one’s swearing profusely as they trip over the wires or be privy to the resounding ‘thump’ sound followed by a curse word as they make an unpleasant acquaintance with the floor. You chuckle to yourself, but don’t think you’re immune! Soon enough, you also get your fair share of connecting with the ground. In frustration, you kick a couple to the side or attempt to ball them up in a corner in hopes of obtaining some order to this madness. However, it ends up looking like a bunch of coiling snakes waiting to pounce!

Cable cord organizers are a great way to rearrange the wires connecting your devices. Let’s explore a few of them.

Are Cable Clips Necessary?

While many of our devices are now powered wirelessly, the need for wires are still present . We still need to charge our devices, connect them to the internet, and more. Therefore, we still have use for Ethernet, phone, TV, power cables, etc. You probably also have multiple Ethernet cords connecting to different devices and in different rooms. It makes sense to want to get some orders while still being functional. So how do we keep them organized? That’s where cable clips come in and steal the show. Cable clips are a type of cable organizer that allows you to organize your wires by clipping them on the wall. Out of sight, out of mind! If you have not used them before, now is the time. You won’t regret it!

Setting Up the Wires In Your Home

Cable clips are super useful and very inexpensive! I often align my wires along the wall, taking into consideration the creases on the doors and run the wires along them and then clip each portion of the wire with the cable clips to hold them in place. The end result is neat and functional. I can have them set up in as many rooms as I need without having wires lying around. You can also have them running on the lower level of your wall, or along the corners of the walls on the floor. I found that having them running along the higher ends of the wall and along the doors worked best for me. But it is really a matter of preference.

They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the various thickness of the cables. Therefore, it is important to take into account the size of your wires. You also get three options on the clipping method. Some use strong adhesive to adhere the clip to the wall while others use a screw or nail to drill them in to hold them securely. Below  are some recomendations and specations straight from amazon.

Recommendations & where to get them

Viaky Black Clips

Type: Adhesive backed Nylon


Color: black

Clips multiple wires

Swpeet Round Cable Wire Clips

    • Color: white
    • Type: Screw
    • material: plastic
    • Sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    • Variety use;
    • Clips single wires (unless using a flat wire)

Single Coaxial Cable Clips

  • se with single coax cable, cat5e, cat6, electrical wire, security cable, etc
  • Strong Nail head, high quality
  • Solid construction
  • Indoor and Outdoor rated clip and nail
  • Options: Double nail, double screw

Another way to maintain your wires are with Cable Sleeves to wrap them together.


REMIUM 120″ Cable Management Sleeve

-Built to last

– Fast and easy installation


Can be cut to size


  • NO MORE CABLE MESS! Perfect for organizing your cables under your desk, in your drawers, at home and in your office!Feed2Bird
  • QUALITY: Reusable, durable, adjustable and low profile.
  • SELF-GRIPPING: Wraps onto itself, easy to use and easy to open.
  • LENGTH: 1/2″x8″ – Can be combined if too short or cut to size if too long.
  • Available in different colors.

With cable clip organizers, you can also maintain and organize the wires on your desk! They often offer different slots for different wires to keep them in one location.

Cable Clip Organizers

Heaviest Cable Organizer by Envisioned

Supports small and large cables, including Apple lightning cables, USB, HDMI and network cables.

Compact design maximizes your desk space (measures 3 5/8″ x 2″ x 1″).

  • Has 4 x small slots 4mm in width and 3 large slots 8mm in width.

Comes in black, blue, pink, gore, orange, red, and white

Austor Cable Desk Organizers

    • single channel, double channel, triple channel and five channel cable clips are available
    •  high tack but easy to remove because of the acrylic adhesive pad, it won’t leave any track and mark on your desk after remove
    • help manage your charge, mouse, USB cable and cord, avoid these cables order less or falling off from desk
    • 24 pieces cable clips in 5 different sizes, 2 sizes of which are double channel


You can now imagine how useful these little cable cord organizers are. They come in various forms but essentially do the same thing. Each are based on your individual preference and need. If you want something to place all your wires into, then the cable sleeves would be best. If you want to tie up loose wires, then the cable ties are at your service. But if you are looking to arrange where your wires are and how they are set up, then the cable clips would be your best option.

Which cable cord organizer do you prefer? How do you keep order in your home? Let me know in the comments





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  1. Hi, and thanks for these tips. I really do have a cable mess under my table all the time.

    I like the cable sleeves and straps. I have seen flexible cable sleeves before, don’t you have them?

    They are some kind of endless plastic spirals that allow cables to enter and leave the sleeve at any position.

    Great reminder anyway, to get my cable salad cleaned up 🙂

  2. I absolutely agree that cable organizers are still a great tool to have, in ANY household. There are just so many benefits it’s a no-brainer to have them. I have a lot and have for many years now. Although the ones recommended here are new to me, I’m thinking of getting one for myself. The Austor Cable Desk Organizers stands out to me the most, as it’s so simple yet very effect at the same time. Thanks for the great review article my friend.

  3. Wow great advice this would help out greatly with all my gaming cords and entertainment cords as well, its like a war back there with all those chords battling it out haha.

    But love the article and so glad these chord organizers and clips are so inexpensive will be bookmarking and sharing this my wife is just as bad as I am lol!

    • Hello Otaku,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your personal experience. We have all been there lol I am glad I was able to able to help.


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