Best Healthy Drinks – Crunching thirst in the office

In my last article, we talked about Good Office snacks that can help boost your energy at work. We will now delve into some good office drinks that will keep you hydrated and energized.

The Silent Killer – Soft Drinks

best-healthy-drinksStatistics have shown that the average American consumes about 45-56 gallons or 500+ cans of soda per year! This is just average, some people exceed that number.

I knew of someone who did not drink water and instead opted for soda and other soft drinks. He was aspiring to be a doctor, therefore, he knew the risks and told me just as much when I asked him about it. His defense was, “We all die anyway. I might as well eat and drink the foods and drinks I enjoy”.

I’ll let his words simmer for a few seconds. ‘Done In by Soda Beverages’, what a headline for the story of his life.

There are far more superior alternatives that offers you rich, scrumptious drinks made from organic fruits and vegetables delivering ample supplies of nutrients to get your body working optimally.

I don’t know about you, but I fully intend to live as long as I can. I want to truly enjoy the wonders of this world for many years to come and all in good health.

When you consume a ridiculous amount of soda or soft drinks, think about the amount of processed sugar and other chemicals you are absorbing which affects insulin levels and causes obesity, diabetes, and other health issues.


You are also not getting any nutrients from its consumption. Instead, you are dehydrating the body due to the heavy amount of sugar and caffeine.

To put it in simpler terms, every time you raise a can of soda or unhealthy beverage to your lips and drink, your life is being threatened. I hope that scared you.

I know it is hard to resist these beverages especially since we do not always feel the negative effects immediately. But your body is feeling them and is warning you to pay attention. Dehydration, easily fall prey to common sickness such as cold etc, headaches/migraines, chronic cravings, lack of focus, obesity, constipation – the signs are there.

But you can do something about it! I can think of no better time to start but now.

Alright, enough of my ramblings. Let’s go over some delicious alternatives packed with health benefits to help boost energy levels that works great for office and home.

Here are my 10 best healthy drinks recommendation :

1. Coffee

Best Healthy Drinks

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. Why the heck did coffee make the list? Isn’t it bad for your health?

I implore you to hear me through!

Coffee (I mean good, raw coffee filtered with a cloth sieve and not paper) is not the devil they make it out to be. It is actually good for your health. It aids in lowering liver cancer and other diseases.

You read right!

However, before you go and drink up a storm, do exercise some control. Over-consumption is behind coffee’s bad rep. Apparently, the reliance on coffee can be so overwhelming that one tends to drink more than necessary. You have to do drink coffee moderately or it’s no bueno.

It is recommended to drink no more than 3 cups (8 oz each ) per day. Therefore, resist from refills and take a break when you feel tired or drink water.

So here’s to a good cup of piping hot coffee – all in moderation, of course!

2. Coconut Water

Best Healthy Drinks

Coconut water is great for hydrating the body so that the body can continue to function. It is low in carbs, high in protein, fiber, vitamin-c. It is a light beverage stacked with good sources of nutrients. Need I say more?

You can go to your local market and purchase coconuts and extract the water from it yourself or you can opt for organically made coconut water brands. Just watch out for the labels and avoid the ones with added sugar, etc.

3. Fruit Juice

Best Healthy Drinks

We have already mentioned in Good Office snacks – Energy Boosters on how fruits are great for the body as they are loaded with nutrients. Juicing them is even better as you get easier access to the nutrients. And they make for great beverages without the need for added sugars.

You can use papaya, cranberry, passion fruit, orange, grapefruit, etc. Dice em up and into the juicer they go! Explore different flavors by using different fruits or mix and match. Unleash your creative side and have fun with it. They are great energy boosters and quite delicious, too!

One thing to note: due to the high carb and sugar intake prone to fruits, moderation is key!

4. Beet Juice

Best Healthy Drinks

Ah, beet juice. One of my favs- if done right! I usually mix one beet with 1 carrot juice or I add coconut and milk and juice them all up! I then pour it through a sieve to remove the pulp, add a few cubes of ice, and down it goes. Simply delicious and leaves you satisfied!

Beet has a ton of health benefits. It is good for the heart, skin, liver, and more! A true super drink to power you up through the day

Note: If you add milk, be sure to store it in a tight container and store it in a fridge

5. Lime/Lemon Juice

While it is also a fruit, I felt it needed special mention as a good drink.

Most people usually recommend lemon, but I prefer lime juice as I noticed that it tends to work better at keeping sickness at bay- such as colds and sore throats. You would squeeze one lime fruit into a cold cup of water and add about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar or substitute honey for a more enjoyable experience as lime can be bitter. You can add a few cubes of ice and store it in a tight container to keep the lime juice fresh. Very easy to make whenever you need a booster

6. Lime/Lemon Water

Best Healthy Drinks

Lime/Lemon water is a great way to hydrate your body and improve indigestion. It is best to use warm water to boost its benefits but works great cold as well.

7. Homemade Electrolyte Beverage

I came across this energy booster and had to add it to the list. Basically, you mix lemon or lime juice or both, honey, Himalayan salt(has 85 trace minerals), and coconut water to make your own electrolyte instead of purchasing Gatorade, etc. By making it yourself, you know exactly what you are consuming and getting firsthand benefits.

8. Tea

Best Healthy Drinks

Teas! They come in all shapes and sizes and are great energy boosters. Teas are awesome and rightfully so. They are essentially water mixed with herbs and we all know herbs are plant-based and are usually packed with nutrients.

My favorite teas are lemongrass, green tea, rosemary, and marigold. But you can use any tea leaves you like, really.

Food for Thought: Inhaling the scent of rosemary alone provokes the senses(in a good way), and is really good for the brain. It improves memory, strengthens focus, relieves stress and mood, and many more!

9. Kombucha & Water Kefir

An interesting find are Kombucha and Water Kefir; probiotics that can be used to make healthy drinks.

Kombucha Tea can be fermented using great tea or black tea and sugar(sugar cane, fruit, honey). After fermentation, it becomes loaded with vitamins, enzymes, etc.

Water kefir is made with kefir grains loaded with valuable enzymes, easily digestible sugars, beneficial acids, vitamins, and minerals. It can also be used to make homemade sodas.

You can make your own Water Kefir or purchase it on Amazon. And for the Kombucha, you can learn how to make it or you can also purchase it on Amazon .

Wrap Up

Best Healthy Drinks

These are a few of the best healthy drinks that you can easily store and take to work with you. And if you work from home, you can easily whip them up for a quick boost of energy.

Stop wasting your hard-earned dollars on soft drinks that are doing nothing for you nutritionally and fight this battle with me in improving your health.

Let’s eat and drink smarter. But remember, the most important ingredient is plain old water. Any chance you get to drink more fluid is a good thing! After all, we are 60% water. Hydrate away, my friends!

What is your favorite drink? Drop a comment and share it.

Stay energized and healthy!

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18 Responses

  1. My favourite refreshment drink is water, followed in close second by a good old cuppa tea! Pretty boring actually when you consider some of the more interesting options you have shown us here. Oh and I love beetroot in any type of juice drink LOL. Thanks for sharing these healthy drink ideas. Cheers, Karen

    • Nice! I agree – water is the most important of them all. Sounds to me like you’re on the right track.

      Glad you found my post helpful.


  2. My drink is coffee Nescafé Irish , my husband drank coffee his favourite drink . Your reasons for each drink are well thought through and plenty for people to choose from because not everyone will like all the different drinks. I have been drinking lemon and honey which does help to keep hydrated

  3. I really like this post. Sodas are really bad for our health especially with all the high fructose corn syrup in them. My go-to drink is lemon water or ice tea. I am trying to get used to the taste of coconut water but the closest I can come is coconut water ice tea, lol. Thanks for the list and for warning people about the dangers of soft drinks.

  4. Coffee made it to the list?! I’m so glad 🙂 I start my day with coffee and I will feel guilty drinking it if its bad for the body. Is putting 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of powder creamer bad? I sometimes take it black.
    I think I will like the beet and carrot juice. I just might pass by the farmers market tonight and get some and get my juicer back to work.
    Thanks for this post. I really love it since I’m an office worker. Love your ideas.

    • Hello Gigi,

      I am glad I was able to help. Yes coffee in moderation is great, So is the sugar. When I do drink coffee I usually take mine the same way. Thank you for sharing.


  5. I live in Asia but I have never tried coconut water. After workouts I am completely dehydrated and I think I will give it a shot after workouts.

  6. Great post! Soda is definitely a killer. There is too many better options out there that taste even better than soda

  7. I’m so so glad coffee and tea are on the list! Makes me feel less guilty when I indulge! Lemon water is certainly the most refreshing drink for me! I like beet juice too, with all the nutrients, it certainly is a super drink like you said it. But my kids really won’t be swayed on this beet juice.

    • Hello Joo,

      Haha yes coffee and tea are great in moderation. I was not a fan of beet juice when I was a child either. Water and lime was my substitution. I am sure there are much more that should make the list I don’t know about to substitute for beet juice.

  8. One things I like about healthy drinks, is they are easy to consume and digest, and often easier to prepare than cooking up a meal. So even if you’re really busy, you can gab something healthy pretty much on the go.

    I’ve never been a fan of soft drinks, and usually only drink them somewhere where nothing else is available.

    I like drinking coffee, so happy to see that on your list. I also quite enjoy coconut water.

    I had a beet juice once and wasn’t a fan, but I made myself drink it anyway.

    Nice list you have compiled here.

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